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FreePumpkin seed extractor is professional equipment that may extract the seed efficiently. And this machine has the traits of high effectivity, good quality, lengthy service life, and so forth. So, this machine has always been welcomed by foreign customers. This machine can process completely different materials, such as pumpkin, watermelon, squash, etc. And the extracted seeds have a high integrity price and are clean. Also, this pumpkin seed extractor has wheels and works with the tractor. So, it is simple to maneuver anyplace, which saves much manpower. Also, you can plant the pumpkin through the use of the vegetable seed planter. The operation of the pumpkin seed extractor machine is easy. You don’t need to spend too much time studying how to use the machine. We’ve two models of pumpkin seed harvesting machines. And they are individually 5TZ-500 and 5TZ-1500. 5TZ-500 watermelon seed extractor can work with diesel engines, electric motors, and tractors.5TZ-1500 can only work with tractors.

delicate yellow sunflower growing on fieldA watermelon seed harvesting machine powered by a tractor has wheels. So you’ll be able to transfer the machine around the field as you like. Because the machine can handle completely different crops. So we have screens with totally different meshes to match the machine. Based on your crop, we’ll introduce an appropriate screen to you. These two completely different machine models have different outputs. So prospects can select the machine, in line with their needs. This model is a smaller measurement pumpkin seed extraction machine. This pumpkin seed extractor can full several operations similar to crushing, squeezing, separating and cleaning at one time. It is primarily used for pumpkin seed removal.The machine’s energy enter using wheeled tractor, motor and diesel engine. And it is simple to make use of, straightforward to operate, secure and dependable operation, cheap efficiency structure, is the best seed extraction machine.Also, crushing, separation, cleaning machine are utilizing special mold stamping, welding to ensure reliable performance.

The pumpkin seed extractor is primarily composed of a body, a feeding hopper, a crushing box, a separation barrel, a cleansing barrel, a seed rack, a sprocket, a sequence, and other parts. What are the features of pumpkin seed collector’s structure? 1. The excessive-quality steel is welded right into a frame, which has an affordable construction, is robust, and is durable. 2. The distinctive spiral cylinder is easy to remove plants resembling vines and weeds, and the work efficiency is excessive. 3. The set up positions of components similar to crushing, extrusion, separation, and cleaning are adjustable, which will increase the adjustment vary of the machine. 4. We use excessive-quality steel to produce a shaft system. And then we course of them integrally after meeting and welding. So our pumpkin seed collector has high precision. 5. Adopt excessive-quality bearings and commonplace elements to make sure the reliability of the whole pumpkin seed accumulating machine. 1. Feed the pumpkin into the machine feed hopper manually.

Then the crushing system under the hopper crushes the pumpkin for them firstly. 2. Then the crushed pumpkin enters the separation barrel. The separation shaft within the separation barrel will agitate the crushed pumpkin. And during this process, the rind and a part of the pulp are discharged from the separation barrel. 3. Then the seeds and pulp go into the cleaning barrel. And at the identical time, the cleaning shaft rotates to discharge the seeds and pulp from different outlets. This mannequin is completely different from the S5TZ-500 by way of output, form and perform. This pumpkin seed extractor can gather pumpkins and watermelons immediately in the sphere whereas doing the seed extraction. The extracted seeds go to the seed assortment box via the elevator. The machine doesn’t require folks to manually put the fabric into the machine. It ties the fabric as it strikes ahead after which enters the seed selecting section. Therefore, using this pumpkin seed picker is extra labor-saving and convenient.

And it might probably full many operations comparable to selecting, crushing, squeezing, separating, cleaning, storing and unloading seeds at one time. The machine adopts a unique suspension technique and spiral cylinder. So, it is convenient for removing plants, and might save time and improve work effectivity. Seed extraction machine primarily consists of a body, melon picker, seed extraction machine, crushing field, cleaning bucket, lifting bucket tank, seed storage field, supporting wheel, gearbox, hydraulic line, and different elements. What advantages does the melon seed extractor has? 1. The body adopts sq. tube combination sort frame. 2. Full tine field distributes energy. 3. Double seed picker construction. 4. Scraper type double lifting gadget. 5. Tine box type weeding mechanism. 6. 1500 large diameter melon tying cylinder. 7. Optional display monitor heavy duty axle head and excessive strain tire. Through the self-weight of the melon barrel, the seed melon which has been collected by accumulating machine is shipped into the crushing field of the machine by the melon barrel.

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