The True Dogs of War: Nation, Language, and Identity In ‘Valiant Hearts’

Endemism refers to species that are confined to a rustic or small geographical area, in our case the Maltese islands. Sometimes, the distribution of endemic species widens to elements of neighbouring countries and territories and are referred to as sub-endemic. In our case these are the islands of Pantellaria, Lampedusa and extra importantly Sicily. Strangely, some sub-endemic species are additionally present in Apulia in mainland Italy. Although some species look like common in our islands (e.g. Darniella melitensis, Euphorbia melitensis or Ophrys melitensis), one have to contemplate that they are confined to single location worldwide, and hence the significance of their safety and conservation particularly from habitat loss. Only few endemic species are not protected, these that are very common, straightforward to regenerate as a result of production of many seed, and their habitat is not declining or in a position to thrive in numerous habitats. Such examples are Anthemis urvilleana, Chiliadenus bocconei and Allium melitense. Endemic species are formed largely by splitting and isolation of a population combined with the results of various environmental elements (amongst others).

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