Meet Virgin Voyages’ Second Ship – Valiant Lady

cluster of daisiesCreate a paper craft that is a tree for all seasons. Step 1: Find 4 comparable-size branches with several twigs coming off of them. Decorate each department so it represents either winter, spring, summer, or fall. Decorate the shapes with markers or colored pencils. Step 3: Tie or tape the shapes on each branch for each of the four seasons. Arrange the branches in a reasonably vase to make a colorful centerpiece for a desk. Create your own grass to compliment the actual factor in the subsequent craft. Without the tilt of the earth’s axis we wouldn’t have seasons? Instead, the areas around the center of the earth would obtain probably the most solar. It can be about the identical temperature all yr lengthy. This paper planter craft is great for plants or flowers, and it really brings the outdoors in. Step 1: Measure and mark a line 5-1/2 inches up from the underside edge of the milk carton.

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