When Ought to you Employ Valor?

Promoting Indigenous culturally diversity for future generations by gathering, rising, and sharing heirloom seeds and plants. Seeds are a vibrant and important foundation for meals sovereignty, and are the basis for a sustainable, wholesome agriculture. We understand that seeds are our valuable collective inheritance and it’s our responsibility to care for the seeds as a part of our duty to feed and nourish ourselves and future generations. The mission of the Indigenous Seed Keepers Network (ISKN) is to nourish and help the growing Seed Sovereignty Movement throughout Turtle Island ( North America). As a national network, we leverage resources and domesticate solidarity and communication inside the matrix of regional grass-roots tribal seed sovereignty projects. We accomplish this mission by offering academic assets, mentorship training, outreach and advocacy help on seed policy points, and organizing national and regional events and convenings to attach many communities who are engaging in this vital work. We intention to create a collaborative framework and declaration for moral seed stewardship and indigenous seed tips for tribal communities to information them as they protect their seeds from patenting and bio-piracy.

Looks like I don't own this plant... I license it

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