Virgin Voyages’ Second Cruise Ship Valiant Lady Launched

This idea came to me when replying to a “how can we make BS viable once more” thread. Its aimed at making not solely BS however blended doctrine fleets extra usefull. If im not mistaken, the warp pace of a fleet in fleet warp is the warp pace of the slowest ship in the fleet. Because of this, fleet commanders typically won’t take BS on a fleet ops that needs to travel a minimum of a couple of methods as even a single BS can compromise the mobility of the entire fleet. In the identical approach, it’s usually not mutch helpfull to fly a small ship (not counting fast tackle) as your elevated warp speed does no good to the fleet. You ether are slowed down by the fleet or have to wait at every gate. This is why HAC / T3C fleets are so well-liked atm. Good firepower and EHP combined with good pace.

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