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Plants cacti cactus friends garden gardening green green thumb illustration illustrator indor mug nature pilea plant plants pots potted succulent tropical uiGrafting neurons grown from monkeys’ personal cells into their brains relieved the debilitating motion and depression signs related to Parkinson’s illness, researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison reported immediately. In a study revealed within the journal Nature Medicine, the UW workforce describes its success with neurons made from induced pluripotent stem cells from the monkeys’ own our bodies. This method avoided complications with the primates’ immune methods and takes an vital step towards a treatment for thousands and thousands of human Parkinson’s patients. “This end in primates is extremely powerful, significantly for translating our discoveries to the clinic,” says UW-Madison neuroscientist Su-Chun Zhang, whose Waisman Center lab grew the mind cells. Parkinson’s disease damages neurons in the brain that produce dopamine, a brain chemical that transmits signals between nerve cells. The disrupted alerts make it progressively more durable to coordinate muscles for even easy movements and trigger rigidity, slowness and tremors which can be the disease’s hallmark symptoms.

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