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Ch-ch-ch-chia! Remember these corny commercials for the flowering plants that grew proper earlier than your eyes? As you added water, the plants grew and grew, because of the chia seeds absorbing all that water. Fortunately for chia seeds, they’ve moved on from being terracotta pets and are actually a darling of the health and wellness neighborhood. Chia seeds have been fashionable with the well being food crowd for years now. It would be not possible to walk by means of a complete Foods with out coming across complete chia seeds, uncooked chia pudding, and chia-infused juices. While they’re loaded with healthy fats and nutrients, there is actually a flawed approach to devour them. In fact, a 39 12 months-outdated man actually wound up in the emergency room after eating chia seeds. Read on to make sure you don’t make this error. Chia seeds are known as superfoods due to their nutritional punch. They are an awesome source of fiber, omega fatty acids, protein, and antioxidants.

brown fountain grass closeup photographyThey may even stop heart disease and enhance blood sugar control. Celebrity nutritionist Lindsey Duncan, ND, CN shared with the Doctor Oz Show the many advantages of chia seeds. The fiber half is especially vital for us. In accordance with the American Dietetic Association, we ought to be consuming 20 to 35 grams of fiber day-after-day, however the average American only takes in about 12 to 15 grams. Because chia seeds contain about 11 grams of fiber per ounce, a serving of these little babies will take care of forty two p.c of your daily fiber wants. Chia seeds additionally present our our bodies with healthy fats like omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. As if these nutrients aren’t sufficient, chia seeds can even support in weight loss. Because these seeds absorb up to 27 times their very own weight, they will take up some extra room in your stomach, offering a feeling of fullness. While this amount of absorption could be useful, it’s also dangerous if they’re consumed dry.

In a research offered on the American College of Gastroenterology Annual Scientific Meeting (by way of WBUR), a 39 12 months-outdated man ended up within the emergency room after eating a tablespoon of dry chia seeds, then drinking a glass of water. Shortly after taking this, he seen he was not in a position to swallow anything, even his personal saliva. Within the emergency room, docs performed an endoscopy to see what, if something, was inflicting the problem. They discovered a mass of congealed chia seeds completely obstructing the man’s esophagus. It ought to be famous that this man had a history of dysphagia, which is a feeling of being unable to swallow or meals being caught within the throat. How did this happen? While a tablespoon of dry chia seeds appears to be like like such a small amount, we have to do not forget that they increase shortly. As quickly as they combined with water, the seeds formed a thick, gel-like ball and obtained stuck.

Dr. Rebecca Rawl, MD, the gastroenterology fellow at Carolinas HealthCare System who presented the examine of a 39-12 months-outdated man with chia seeds obstructing his esophagus. Physicians tried to dislodge the chia seed ball, but it wouldn’t budge. They ultimately used a small endoscope often utilized in infants to chip away at the mass. Rawl defined to Time that the process was fairly labor-intensive. While this was an traditional case, Dr. Rawl cautioned towards ever consuming chia seeds dry. Rawl. They will absorb many occasions their weight in water and increase and should become lodged in a patient’s esophagus, particularly if there is a history of swallowing problems.” Because chia seeds will broaden to as much as 27 occasions their weight, be certain that so as to add liquid to them earlier than consuming them. After they’ve already expanded, they’re secure to eat and can simply be digested. Rawl said. “The popularity of chia seeds is growing, and I believe this may come up extra frequently.” You probably have any history of swallowing problems, she really helpful steering clear of chia seeds for now.

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