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From Middle English plante, from Old English plante (“young tree or shrub, herb newly planted”), from Latin planta (“sprout, shoot, cutting”). Broader sense of any vegetable life, vegetation generally” is from Old French plante. Doublet of clan, borrowed by way of Celtic languages. The verb is from Middle English planten, from Old English plantian (“to plant”), from Latin plantāre, later influenced by Old French planter. Compare also Dutch planten (“to plant”), German pflanzen (“to plant”), Swedish plantera (“to plant”), Icelandic planta (“to plant”). An organism that is not an animal, especially an organism capable of photosynthesis. Typically a small or herbaceous organism of this kind, quite than a tree. 2013 May-June, Katrina G. Claw, “Rapid Evolution in Eggs and Sperm”, in American Scientist, quantity 101, number 3, web page 217:In plants, the power to acknowledge self from nonself plays an necessary role in fertilization, as a result of self-fertilization will lead to much less diverse offspring than fertilization with pollen from another individual. Many genes with reproductive roles also have antibacterial and immune features, which indicate that the threat of microbial attack on the sperm or egg could also be a major affect on rapid evolution during reproduction.

The garden had a few timber, and a cluster of colourful plants around the border. An organism of the kingdom Plantae now particularly, a dwelling organism of the Embryophyta (land plants) or of the Chlorophyta (green algae), a eukaryote that includes double-membraned chloroplasts in its cells containing chlorophyll a and b, or any organism intently associated to such an organism. Now particularly, a multicellular eukaryote that includes chloroplasts in its cells, which have a cell wall. Any creature that grows on soil or similar surfaces, including plants and fungi. 1. A manufacturing unit or other industrial or institutional building or facility. 2. An object placed surreptitiously to be able to trigger suspicion to fall upon a person. That gun’s not mine! It is a plant! I’ve never seen it earlier than! 3. Anyone assigned to behave as a member of the general public throughout a covert operation (as in a police investigation). A play in which the cue ball knocks one (often pink) ball onto another, to be able to pot the second a set.

2008 April 28, Phil Yates, The Times:O’Sullivan risked a plant that went badly astray, splitting the reds. Machinery, corresponding to the kind utilized in earthmoving or development. A young tree a sapling therefore, a stick or workers. 1694, John Dryden, transl., “The Third Book of Virgil’s Georgicks”, within the Annual Miscellany, for the Year 1694, second version, London: Jacob Tonson, printed 1708, web page 185:Take, Shepherd, take a Plant of Å¿tubborn Oak / And labour him with many a Å¿turdy Å¿troke: / Or with arduous Stones, demoliÅ¿h from afar / His haughty CreÅ¿t, the feat of all of the War. The only of the foot. 1611, Ben Jonson, “Oberon, the Faery Prince”, in the Works of Ben Jonson, quantity V, London: D. Midwinter et al., revealed 1756, web page 384:Knotty legs, and plants of clay, / Seek for eaÅ¿e, or love delay. A plan a swindle a trick. 1850 March 30, Charles Dickens, “A Detective Police Party”, in Household Words, volume 1, page 413:It wasn’t a foul plant that of mine, on Fikey, the man accused of forging the Sou’ Westeru Railway debentures-it was solely t’ different day-as a result of the reason why?

5. An oyster which has been bedded, in distinction from considered one of natural growth. A younger oyster suitable for transplanting. The mix of process and actuator. The scientific definition of what organisms should be considered plants modified dramatically through the twentieth century. Bacteria, algae, and fungi are now not considered plants by those that research them. Many textbooks do not reflect essentially the most present pondering on classification. To place (a seed or plant) in soil or different substrate in order that it could dwell and develop. To position (an object, or typically a person), typically with the implication of intending deceit. That gun’s not mine! It was planted there by the real murderer! 1999, Terry Prone, The Skywriter, web page 182:Not only that, I believed, however cynics would now theorise that the interview piece was a PR train, a planted story designed as injury-limitation in the occasion that some probing journalist revealed all in regards to the love nest. To place or set something firmly or with conviction.

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