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Dripping Grey Clay PBR TextureA proper reduce requires a really sharp knife with a straight edge. The cut should be clean and clean with no fibres on either facet. The cut must be carried out in one motion. Except from high cleft grafting, the approach implies fit cuts of inventory and scion respectively. A reducing angle of ≈ 20° for splice, whip or wedge graft is suitable. It is necessary that the lower angle is the same in inventory and scion since a distinct angle of two cuts will lead to a bend junction. The scale of the scion and the foundation inventory is in contrast so as to find match pairs. The place of chopping at the foundation inventory can also be adjusted to fit the size of the scion. When putting the two components together they should match so that there is as little gaps and uncovered wood and cambium on both aspect as potential. Some examples of cuts and joints in top cleft grafting are shown at next page.

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