How Cool is That?

SUPER EXCITED ABOUT THIS PLANT POT!A seed crystal is a small single crystal that you set in a saturated or supersaturated answer to develop a large crystal. Here’s find out how to develop a seed crystal for any chemical that dissolves in water. Ideally, you’d know the solubility of your chemical at different temperatures so that you can estimate how much of the chemical is required to make a saturated solution. Also, this info is helpful in determining what to anticipate once you cool your solution. For instance, if the substance is rather more soluble at the next temperature than at a decrease temperature, then you can anticipate crystals to type in a short time as you cool the solution (equivalent to sugar crystals). If the solubility doesn’t change a lot over your temperature range, you’ll have to rely extra on evaporation to trigger your crystals to grow (for instance, salt crystals). Within the one case, you cool your solution to stimulate crystal growth. In the opposite, you keep the answer warm to speed evaporation.

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