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Agriculture turns into a part of human occupancy because the earliest days of human civilizations. When that first individual selected to plant seeds, it was the first time somebody figured out that seeds could possibly be harvested and then produced for food, and the muse of agriculture, in addition to the primary producer (can say, farmer) was born. As in India, like about 50% of people employed in agriculture of the Indian work-force and contributed 17-18% to Country’s GDP in 2018. There are many advantages and importance of agriculture in India, we’ll speak about some of the principle benefits right here. From ages to our fashionable time, the fundamentals of agriculture endured the identical as earlier than. You harvest and domesticate the identical course of before as of now plant the seeds, water and fertilize, weed and then harvest. Now we rely upon farmers to grow meals for us, fairly than growing it ourselves. In India, farmers are the backbone of the meals business.

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