Know Thy Hero

I watched one in all Steven (Skillcult) Edholm’s movies and he laid out the cheapo method to go about grafting, using lower up plastic baggage, a Swiss Army knife, and Elmer’s Glue as a most popular sealant over tar. Anybody heard of utilizing this before? He doesn’t give details about his dislike for tar, and he’s in Northern California, which can not stress out the glue like it might right here. I’ve seen tar dry and crack. Another compound from Europe, Gashell that OESCO sells is simple to use however expensive. I’ve seen Doc Farwell’s compound used on huge cuts in Turner area by industrial orchardists. I feel Steven simply tapes over the crack of a cleft graft then smears glue around. Seems bizarre to place tar, (or something) down in the crack. Could one use sap of Milkweed or that invasive that I’ve, Cypress spurge? Generally toilet bowl seal rings are product of beeswax.

giant cordyliana australis

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