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What Are Patellofemoral Problems And the way Are They Treated? The patellofemoral joint is likely one of the three knee joints, which is formed between the kneecap referred to as the patella, and the thigh bone referred to as femur; thus the title. When there may be inflammation inside this joint where the muscles and cartilages harm, there may be immense ache and mobility problems. This is when folks strategy an orthopaedic surgeon in Kota for assist. What gives rise to patellofemoral problems? Patellofemoral issues come up when the patella suffers put on and tear, and the underlying cartilage begins to degenerate. The primary trigger for this wear and tear may very well be because of the way in which through which the patella strikes by the patellofemoral groove. If the muscle is weak, a muscle imbalance can occur. When this happens, the quadriceps muscles are pulled, causing the patella to shift to the surface, inflicting more strain on one aspect of the articular cartilage than the opposite. With time, this stress damages the cartilage.

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