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Christmas Hills Tree Farm in Mossyrock, Washington is a second-generation tree farm. Committed to producing the easiest high quality timber in the business. Six types of fir, including a restricted quantity of Burton Blue Noble fir, a particular tree grafted for exceptional colour and overall high quality. The vast majority of our trees are Noble fir, but we now have wonderful smaller portions of Fraser, Grand, Nordmann, and Douglas fir. We always try to add a small proportion of the elegant Burton Blue Noble in an everyday order of Noble fir at no extra charge. And we love producing the finest high quality of recent Christmas timber… Christmas season. Give us a try. Mossyrock is the proper location for weather, rainfall, reasonable temperature, 1000′ elevation, and latitude (heart of pure surroundings). It is probably slightly better than Oregon as a result of there’s more rain, much less drought in the summer months, more moderate temperature, and it’s farther north. As well as, the bushes are dormant when cut. This leads to fresher, more vivid coloring, very good “keepability” and high quality. Christmas Hills Tree Farm is a second-generation tree farm. John Burton’s dad, Charley Burton, owner of Bear Canyon Farm, planted the first Noble fir in 1949: the first Noble fir specifically for Christmas bushes within the trade. John grew up around trees, and has been rising his own timber since he was 13. He’s now in his forties. Through the years, Christmas Hills Tree Farm developed some techniques that make their bushes stand out from the competition. By using seed from their own seed orchard, comprised of timber grafted for exceptional blue colour and overall high quality, their bushes have amazing coloration.

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