Why choose Valiant Mobile Surveillance Trailer?The Valiant Mobile Surveillance Trailer is equipped with high capacity solar panels that offer 600-1300 watts of solar power to charge the large battery bank that keeps the mobile  surveillance trailer running.

It can continually discharge about 200 hours when the battery fully charged. Built on a wide body trailer for stability, the two types of high definition cameras PTZ camera and bullet camera record everything directly to the internet which is capable of being remotely monitored and controlled. View the images and real-time streamed video wherever you are and control the complete unit remotely.

What’s more, in order to monitor cleverly, the camera can be raised to 5-12meters by mast. A backup generator is available when there is not enough solar power. The design is in conformity with Australia and North America standard.  Mobile Surveillance Trailer can ideally be used in illuminating parking lots, work sites, events, disaster response areas and mining.

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