We have usually heared many accidents happened in construction site.Now, a solar mobile surveillance trailer can keep your construction site safety. It is not only convenience but really environmental friendly.

A solar mobile surveillance trailer is composed of trailer,solar panels,telescopic mast and camera.The design of trailer is available to moved anywhere you want to.The mobile surveillance trailer is charged by solar power.With solar panels can work continuously for 48 hours when once fully charged. The highest of telescopic mast can extend to 9 meters.It is better meet your working needs.Optional 2MP HD PTZ camera and 3MP HD bullet camera can be remotely viewed and controlled using iPhones, Android phones, laptops, and desktop computers.


Each solar mobile surveillance trailer can be fitted with the latest in video analytics technologies. Video Analytics can help prevent theft with real-time threat prevention solutions.

At present,mobile surveillance trailer are widely used in military,railway, electric power, public security, and all kinds of large-scale construction work, mining operations field.It is a perfect security safety system for your construction site.

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